Ode to you, Obnoxious Cubicle Dweller

Yeah, you, gum-chomping, loud-mouthed, pencil-tapping nut-job that clearly does not understand the concept of personal space in the workplace...  Actually, I want to personally thank you for providing me- the one who, fortunately enough, does not have to deal with one of these crazies- with some pure entertainment at my friends' expenses.  So in honor of Administrative Professionals Day, I thought it might be a fun idea to invite you all to share comments of your personal stories of hellish co-workers, office-sharers, cubicle-neighbors, etc.  The best story will be posted here.  And if that's not rewarding enough, then maybe I'll consider "off-ing" he or she for you. I guess it's the least I can do.

In Celebration of All Things Green & Earthy..

The most heady, crunchy, tree huggin', hippie lovin' week of the year has sprung upon us! Happy post-420 and present-Earth day, Earthlings and Hippies alike! (Yes, alike, but not necessarily in the same category).  Anyway, I hope all of you smoked your doobies, planted your trees, and danced naked in the moonlight to celebrate the lovely ball of life we inhabit.  In all seriousness though, it is important to be kind to our Earth so that we may prove the Mayans wrong by contributing to its everlasting life...or if thats not possible, at the very least, outliving 2012.  

If you are in the Philadelphia area, come to the Earth day ceremony at 2pm in Love Park, where Mayor Nutter will reveal Philadelphia's new psychedelic recycling trucks.. because Philadelphia is really good at throwing trash in trash cans let alone, utilizing Recycle bins.  Maybe the fun colors and designs on the trucks will get the Litterbugs all riled up and motivated to recycle.   Click the post title to check the fancy mobiles painted by the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program.

Wine of the Week

Casa de la Ermita Jumilla 2004 is the purchase of the week this week and I must say, I am enjoying it thoroughly.  A Spanish wine from the Bodegas Casa de la Ermita Winery in the Jumilla region of Spain,  its highlighted flavors are composed of smoky and ashy deep-spiced embodiments with hints of fruity bitterness, most likely from dark fruits like cherries and black berries. Its a variety of Cab-Sauv with Tempranillo (a popular Spanish grape blend, also used in Sangre de Toro) and Mourvedre (a variety that is responsible for meaty and smoky notes).  Surprisingly, with such strong flavors, Casa de la Ermita is smoother than one might think.  I could see it pairing REALLY well with a sharp-flavored cheese and a big hunk of meat. Mmm.  Anyway the bottle was $14.99 at my liquor store, making it affordable and impressionable in my book!   It has a brother wine called Monasterio de Santa Ana. I will probably check that bottle out as soon as I finish this one!  I've attached a blog vid to this post by one Lar Veale, an Irish lad who's style I'm apparently biting for bringing wine to the common folk. Oh well, Cheers Lar!


Speaking of Hipsters.

I just starting getting into this band- very late to jump this bandwagon- but at any rate, I'm sharing the wealth.  

Thanks, Friend. Enjoy Readers..

**Click the post title for supreme hilarity.

Then the Heavens shone down on Rittenhouse...

I have been saying for a while that this city needed a good whiskey bar and hath the heavens answered my prayers!  Well, had they been listening a little clearer up there, they would not have dropped my gift in Rittenhouse, but I will happily take what I can get.  Anyway, the Chef Garces Restaurant group- that currently owns the well-known Amada, Distrito, Chifa, and Tinto restaurants- is opening Village Whiskey, in June on S. 20th St.  Village Whiskey will offer a plethora of whiskies accompanied by affordable but tasty bar snacks, burgers, and raw bar!  Click on the title of this post to check the Phoodie info article. See you on opening day.


The Cheap Wine Connoisseur

So in an effort to keep life interesting, I like to come up with ways to inexpensively spend my money on one material item per paycheck.  Not only do I look forward to this needless purchase every so often, but it also helps me budget so that I'm not dishing the cash out elsewhere, you know, at like the bar or something.  When I worked in corporate hell, I decided I was going to purchase a new DVD every month or paycheck (depending on my budget at the time).  It was a silly little $10 to $20 purchase that I looked forward to every so often; and when that package arrived, it was literally the highlight of my week (sad, but true, haha).  I actually have compiled a pretty decent movie collection from this hobby.
  These days, as I work at two restaurants, my funds are collected and received on a weekly basis.  Since I now invest in Netflix, I needed to seek a new perk to break up the weekly redundance of work.  I decided that every Sunday or Monday I would purchase a bottle of wine- no more expensive than $15.  I stumbled upon this idea randomly when I fell in love with this wine offered at Mixto, one of my employers.  It's called Sangre de Toro, a Spanish red wine created by the Don Miguel Torres Winery.  My boyfriend was coming to stay with me for the weekend and I thought it would be superrrr romantical if I got a really nice bottle of Sangre to celebrate his visit.   As I was gathering all the necessary supplies to prepare for a lazy but lovely weekend, I made him aware that I was "splurging" on a nice bottle of wine for the weekend so I might not be able to afford a bottle of Jameson and beer as well (these are usually staple supplies for our weekends together, don't judge).  I went to the liquor store with $50 for my wine and much to my surprise, a bottle of this fine treasure I had been obsessed with- not to mention, spending $7 a glass on at Mixto- for weeks, was $9.99.   I obviously was able to pick up 3 bottles of Sangre, a bottle of Jameson and some beer, which provided for a very wonderful weekend of boozin' and shmoozin'.

Anyway, the light bulb went on.  One can actually spend $15 or less on a bottle of wine that is NOT Yellowtail!  So I've been buying a new bottle each week for three weeks now and it has proven to be the most genius of my ideas yet.  Not only am I anxious and motivated to skip the bar after work so that I may drink some wine and get a good night's sleep, but I'm also saving tons of money.  Stay posted weekly for my cheap wine reviews and recommendations!

PS. Sangre comes with a cute little bull around the neck. Perfect key chain addition!